User’s Guide For Nokia N8-00

The user’s guide contains discussion about contact information, settings, calendar entries, service, bluetooth, internet connection, card, applications, and usb. In this user’s guide the reader can get information related to video sharing, text, memory, social networking services, virtual keyboard, camera, internet, voice mailbox, and battery.

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Lots of info around switch, computer, social networking service, phone number, data connection, internet call service, music, status updates, and network service are explained inside this user’s guide. Here are taken from this user’s guide:

Tip: If you have DRM-protected content, use Nokia Ovi Suite to back up both the licences and the content to your computer. Format the mass memory Want to delete all content from your device mass memory? When you format the mass memory, all the data on it is deleted. Back up all data you want to keep before formatting the mass memory. All data is permanently deleted.

Also, this user’s guide explains information such as menu settings, connectivity, menu, home screen, memory card, text input, video, and music player.

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