Owner’s Manual Of 2012 Nissan GTR

This owner’s manual contains info about air bag warning, warning light, brake pads, brake pedal, pressure warning light, seats, coolant, battery, door lock, switch, tires, tire, cruise control, and pressure warning. In the owner’s manual you can read things like brake, steering, tire pressure, child restraint, passenger air bag, belt, lights, light, air bag system, indicator, seat belts, brake fluid, ignition switch, and vdc.

owner s manual of 2012 nissan gtr page1 5435058 Owners Manual Of 2012 Nissan GTR owner s manual of 2012 nissan gtr page2 5435058 Owners Manual Of 2012 Nissan GTR owner s manual of 2012 nissan gtr page3 5435058 Owners Manual Of 2012 Nissan GTR

Many information like belts, brakes, transmission, wheel, restraint, supplemental restraint system, warning, steering wheel, parking brake, pedal, shift lever, multi function display, dynamic control vdc, and intelligent key battery are described in the owner’s manual. Below are taken from this owner’s manual:

Do not allow the two vehicles to touch. 2. Apply parking brake. Move the shift lever to P the & position. Switch off all unnecessary Always connect positive (+) to positive (+) and negative (−) to body ground (as illustrated), not to the battery. Make sure that the jumper cables do not touch moving parts in the engine compartment and that clamps do not contact any other metal.

Even more, the owner’s manual tells you information regarding tire pressure warning, lock, seat, power, trunk, engine coolant, supplemental air bag, indicator light, seat belt, door, ignition, accelerator pedal, and wheels.

Download Owner’s Manual Of 2012 Nissan GTR pdf
File size: 11.952 MB, number of pages: 391, download server: www.nagtroc.org

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