Nokia C2-01 RM-721/RM-722 Level 1&2 Service Manual

Many information like systems, module, care and maintenance, static electricity, maintenance, and operation are presented in the service manual. Inside the service manual we can find information such as protection, servicing and alignment, warnings and cautions, antenna module, and display.

nokia c2 01 rm 721 rm 722 level 1 2 service manual page1 6459601 Nokia C2 01 RM 721/RM 722 Level 1&2 Service Manual

This service manual contains discussion related to circuit, protected area, engine board, instructions, contents, and tool. Here are some excerpt from this service manual:

This Service Manual is to be used only by authorized NOKIA service suppliers, and the content of it is confidential.

Even more, the service manual presents info such as service suppliers, components, camera removal, circuit boards, and battery.

Download Nokia C2-01 RM-721/RM-722 Level 1&2 Service Manual pdf
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