Nokia Lumia 920 L1 and L2 Service Manual

Inside this service manual we can get info regarding part, display, spring, battery, earpiece, shown side, heat spreader, spring wireless, camera boot, components, gasket protective, and wireless. Lots of explanation about connector holding tape, screwdriver, connector, film place, engine, type label, discard, connector holding, side together, clips, and level are presented in this service manual.

nokia lumia 920 l1 and l2  page1 9088129 Nokia Lumia 920 L1 and L2 Service Manual

The service manual tells the reader things about screw torx, screw, consumer data, tape, support, power, consumer, tape protective, microphone, battery support, screen, and version. Below are chosen from this service manual:

Windows Phone 8 1.5 GHz dual-core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon S4) 32 GB internal flash memory EGSM, WCDMA HSPA and 4G LTE Near Field Communication (NFC) technology Wireless charging (Qi standard) Check the repair policy before performing any mechanical repair on Service Level 1&2! Version 1.0

Additionally, the service manual presents information around board, activate, engine board, battery connector, adhesive remove, chassis, tool, protective film, gasket, battery holder, and volume.

Download Nokia Lumia 920 L1 and L2 Service Manual pdf
File size: 8.772 MB, number of pages: 1, download server: www.smartphonefrance.info

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