iPod shuffle User Guide

The user guide gives us information such as support, status light, itunes, playlists, high power, summary, safety, power adapter, restore, select, library, playlist, button, and connect. Inside this user guide we can learn things about maximum volume, select ipod, external, itunes select, disconnect ipod, apply, sync music, playlist menu, click summary, music, status, sync automatically, time, and store.

 5586509 iPod shuffle User Guide  5586509 iPod shuffle User Guide  5586509 iPod shuffle User Guide

Lots of things regarding sync, volume, pause, information, port, update, battery, important, import music, safety information, updating and restoring, interference, an external disk, and download are described inside the user guide. Here are excerpted from this user guide:

Learning More, Service, and Support 30 Regulatory Compliance Information What’s new in iPod shuffle iPod shuffle at a glance Using the iPod shuffle controls Connecting and disconnecting iPod shuffle About the iPod shuffle battery About iTunes Setting up your iTunes library Organizing your music Connecting iPod shuffle to a computer for the first time Adding music to iPod shuffle Playing music Using VoiceOver Setting tracks to play at the same volume Setting a volume limit Locking and unlocking the iPod shuffle buttons Using iPod shuffle as an external disk Updating and restoring iPod shuffle software Important safety information Important handling information 2 About iPod shuffle 1 Congratulations on purchasing iPod shuffle.

Also, this user guide presents information about play, itunes library, external disk, shuffle battery, track, setting, current track, system, previous, chapter, power, menu, software, and shuffle software.

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File size: 2.023 MB, number of pages: 43, download server: manuals.info.apple.com

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