Owner’s Manual For Yamaha G16A/G16E Golf Car

This ebook gives the reader discussion regarding emission control system, warning, filter, emission control, gear, drive belt, pedal, oil, drain plug, wheel, level, and oil filler hole. In this ebook you can get description related to spark plug, parking brake, tire pressure, fuel system, spark plug gap, battery, fuel, main switch key, fuel tank, carburetor, and plug.

 9463387 Owners Manual For Yamaha G16A/G16E Golf Car  9463387 Owners Manual For Yamaha G16A/G16E Golf Car  9463387 Owners Manual For Yamaha G16A/G16E Golf Car

Lots of information such as batteries, belt, tire, switch, spark, cover, drive select lever, oil warning light, accelerator pedal, choke knob, and main switch are presented inside this ebook. These are excerpted from this ebook:

Designed, built, and equipped so as to conform, at the time of sale, with all applicable regulations adopted by the California Air Resources Board, and All warranted parts are free from defects in material and workmanship for the warranty period of the specialty vehicle engine or the period prior to the first scheduled replacement point of the warranted part as required by the maintenance schedule, if applicable, whichever is less. A defect exists when a deficiency in material or workmanship is such that an emission-related warranted part does not function as designed. The warranty period begins on the date that the specialty vehicle engine is delivered to an ultimate purchaser or on the date it is first placed in service.

Additionally, this ebook contains discussion regarding accelerator, emission, system spark, engine oil level, ignition system, water, brake pedal, steering wheel, parking brake pedal, filler hole, and brake.

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File size: 1.170 MB, number of pages: 63, download server: www.used-golf-cart.com

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